At Chanakya™ pharma we are committed to deliver the best available API’s, intermediates and also finished formulations to our country men. We strive to help people living with life threatening disease in resource limited settings by ensuring effective and sustainable access to our finished formulations, devices and allied products. We are committed to deliver breakthroughs for Unmet Medical Needs of these patients fighting for life.

Therapeutic Areas


This is the new BU started by Chanakya™ Pharma. In this BU we have all the finished formulations marketed by Chanakya™ Pharma. At Chanakya™ pharma we are dedicated to improve the quality of Cancer Care through innovative product range and become trusted partners in this segment. We have Product range is Solid Tumours, Haematology, and Supportive care. All the products marketed here are manufactured by third party manufacturers. The products market are high end specialized products. Currently we are operating in the field of Oncology (Cancer Care). In this division we have high end Anti- Cancer injectable and tablets which are manufactured by third party but marketed by us. We also have few supportive care products in oncology which are for an Unmet Medical need. We are in talks with MNC’s for In-Licensing their product to us for Marketing in India. We are also proposing them for Technology Transfer for production as we are planning for our own production unit in next three years. Currently we have three products in this range for cancer patients.

  • NibCure :Gefitinib 250 mg

  • Zenibe :Capcetabine 500 mg

  • CureIma :Imatinibmesylate 100 mg and 400 mg


Currently we have three products in this range for cancer patients:

  • DoceCure:

    Docetaxel 20 mg, 80 mg, 120 mg.

  • Tumo Tax:

    Paclitaxel 30 mg, 100 mg, 260 mg.

  • OxaliCure:

    Oxaliplatin 50 mg, 100 mg


In this we deal with the supply of API’s (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), Chemical, Intermediates, and Excipient’s. We are one of the leading Marketing & Trading house in Pharmaceuticals Industry based in North India with a Pan – India presence. We are associated with M/s Concept Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Group, which is one of the largest manufacturers of Pharmaceuticals Products (APIs) We are the authorized agents of some of the well reputed Companies Including M/s.Vital Healthcare Pvt.Ltd., Mumbai, M/s.C.J.Shah Ltd., Mumbai, M/s. Qualitek Pharma, Hyderabad, M/s. Lancer Pharma, Hyderabad, M/s. Metrochem API Ltd., Hyderabad, M/s. Smilax Laboratories Ltd., Hyderabad, M/s. Reckon Pharmachem Pvt.Ltd., Mumbai, M/s.Rantus Pharma Pvt.Ltd., Hyderabad, M/s. Arene Lifesciences Ltd., Hyderabad, Ravoos Laboratories Ltd., Hyderabad, Vardhman Chemtech Ltd, Chandigarh, Zen Biotech Pvt.Ltd. Hyderabad, Morepen Laboratories Ltd, Delhi, Rainbow Pharma Agencies, Delhi, Mahima Life Sciences Ltd. Haryana, Scope Ingredients Ltd., Chennai, to name a few. Currently we also get some API’s manufactured by Third Party Manufacturers but now we are proposing to start our own production facility, wherein we can manufacture the API’s which have NDDS (New Drug Delivery System). Our research is already on way to accomplish this feat in coming three years.


We have specialized devices which are used in cancer patients and critically ill patients. The products are imported form the companies we have association with. We are also trying to introduce new products, which are the need of the surgeon. We have also developed new devices to be used with these devices. These will be redefining the care of these devices and will be user friendly.

Chanakya™ pharma is working on bringing new technologies in India which will be breakthrough technologies and the need of the hour.

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